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Monthly Progress Report

Financial Year 2017-2018

Progress Reports of FY 2017-18 Pdf(149 KB)

Financial Year 2016-2017

April Pdf(719 KB)
May Pdf(721 KB)

Financial Year 2015-2016

January -
February -
March Pdf(720 KB)
April Pdf(260 KB)
May Pdf(644 KB)
June Pdf(711 KB)
July Pdf(712 KB)
August Pdf(711 KB)
September Pdf(713 KB)
October Pdf(291 KB)

Financial Year 2014-2015

January Pdf(646 KB)
February Pdf(644 KB)
March Pdf(859 KB)
April Pdf(996 KB)
May Pdf(721 KB)
June Pdf(506 KB)
July Pdf(725 KB)
August Pdf(726 KB)
September Pdf(313 KB)
October Pdf(738 KB)
November -
December Pdf(857 KB)

Financial Year 2013-2014

January Pdf(727 KB)
February Pdf(514 KB)
March -
April Pdf(95 KB)
May Pdf(757 KB)
June Pdf(719 KB)
July Pdf(723 KB)
August Pdf(725 KB)
September Pdf(726 KB)
October Pdf(727 KB)
November Pdf(727 KB)
December Pdf(727 KB)

Financial Year 2012-2013

January Pdf(701 KB)
February Pdf(705 KB)
March Pdf(690 KB)
April Pdf(335 KB)
May Pdf(336 KB)
June Pdf(337 KB)
July Pdf(626 KB)
August Pdf(626 KB)
September Pdf(740 KB)
October Pdf(671 KB)
November Pdf(742 KB)
December Pdf(677 KB)

Financial Year 2011-2012

January Pdf(582 KB)
February Pdf(588 KB)
March Pdf(591 KB)
April Pdf(577 KB)
May Pdf(578 KB)
June Pdf(580 KB)
July Pdf(568 KB)
August Pdf(585 KB)
September Pdf(584 KB)
October Pdf(585 KB)
November Pdf(558 KB)
December Pdf(559 KB)

Financial Year 2010-2011

January Pdf(618 KB)
February Pdf(619 KB)
March Pdf(590 KB)
April Pdf(345 KB)
May Pdf(570 KB)
June Pdf(573 KB)
July Pdf(571 KB)
August Pdf(572 KB)
September Pdf(576 KB)
October Pdf(582 KB)
Novermber Pdf(582 KB)
December Pdf(582 KB)

Financial Year 2009-2010

January Pdf(528 KB)
February Pdf(529 KB)
March Pdf(532 KB)
April Pdf(529 KB)
May Pdf(612 KB)
June Pdf(614 KB)
July Pdf(615 KB)
August Pdf(617 KB)
September Pdf(660 KB)
October Pdf(620 KB)
November Pdf(616 KB)
December Pdf(617 KB)
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)
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